Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Banned in Bangkok

You won't be seeing any video from Thailand (where I currently am) because the government has banned YouTube, where I host the video for my blog.

When I go to youtube.com nothing loads.

When I look at this blog from here none of the video loads.

First time I've actually seen censorship first hand.


Mick said...

They are still banning Youtube? I thought they lifted the ban after a few days. That really sucks doesn't it? Did you have a great time in Bangkok? must be deadly hot around this time of year.

bob donlon said...

Yep, Mick, it's still blocked, although apparently you can get around that via a proxy server.

I did have a great time in Bangkok, although I was working the entire time. See the next post for a vid on exactly how freaking hot it was...