Tuesday, January 16, 2007

UA 308 SFO to SEA

Well, it was just one of those long days. A presentation in the morning in SF, cut short by other presenters going long. All good, regardless.

Quick taxi ride via Luxor Taxi to SFO. The United terminal was unbelievably deserted for 5pm on a weekday, got through security in 5 minutes. Even "Team SFO", arguably the best TSA security team in the USA, seemed indifferent.

Thanks to my Premiere Exec status with United I got upgraded to First. Double meaning there -- First Class and first row on the plane. This is not always as great as it seems.

I often pity those that pay for these domestic first class seats. This would've probably cost $2,000 to buy outright, and for goodness sakes it has less legroom than coach.

The flight attendant that took care of the massive 2 rows in First on this 737 was a "senior" menber of the United crew, but she was very attentive, even serving pre-flight cocktails old-school style (United normally doesn't do that anymore, even when I'm flying on a $6,000 biz class ticket so it was a nice surprise). No food, even on a dinner-time flight, so that was a dissapointment.

The Sea-Tac arrival was pretty smooth, despite the snowstorm, although whenever you arrive at an airport with this going on you gotta wonder:

I wound up sitting next to one of my colleagues on the flight, who as it turned out saw my presentation this morning, so we had alot to talk about. My usual driver from Sea-Tac to downtown was unavailabe. so we shared a cab to the Alexis Hotel, where we're both staying.

Top tip if you stay at the Alexis, or any of the Kimpton hotels -- if you belong to their frequent stay program (free to join) they usually upgrade you. I opened the door to my room and this is what I saw...

This was a very good sign (it is always a good sign when you open your hotel room door and can't see the whole thing right away, usually this means you've got a pretty big suite on your hands). Full suite, full kichen, balcony with downtown views. If you at least belong to the frequent stay program you get treated better -- that's the way it works.

The Alexis kicks butt in these ways, despite the fact that I've got this right across the street...

Aah . . . beautiful downtown Seatle. All the guns and porno you can eat. What more can a blue-blooded American ask for?

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