Monday, January 15, 2007

On The Road Again

Welcome to BizFlyer, my second foray into the blogosphere.

You can read my professional blog Bob Donlon's Digital Video Blog if you have any interest in video production. If not, never mind. This blog has nothing to do with that.

As part of my job with Adobe Systems, I travel the globe far and wide (flew around 200,000 miles in 2006), something I've been doing with regularity for over 8 years. I hold elite frequent flier status with both Star Alliance and One World, as well as elite guest status with Hilton, Fairmont, and Starwood.

Basically, I spend about half of my life on the road. I live in San Francisco but manage to set foot on every continent in the course of a given year. I was blogging about my business travel quite a bit on my Adobe blog, but as its readership grew (to my own surprise) I felt it was better to stay focused on video related stuff. That's why I started this blog. You should read it if:

1) You're a business traveler and want unbiased opinions from a fellow road warrior, or

2) You like travel in general, or
3) You have interest in seeing what strange places I happen to be in.

I hope you find it informative and entertaining. This year is already looking to be busy as I'll be in Seattle starting tomorrow, then Miami for a bit, then a quickie to Tokyo (there for 1 day then back to SF).

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